My practice follows the 5-A model for a cyclical approach to keeping things moving along. In my last post, I addressed the initial phase of Aspirations, essentially dreaming of what can be. This phase never ceases, but we do move into the second phase called Awareness. 

In the Awareness phase, I begin with individual assessments in the Strengthscope practice. This assessment reveals the true strengths of an individual, and offers some initial ideas on activating those strengths in the workplace. We look at what people want for themselves, what is in the way, and how we can remove barriers to get things moving. 

When people discover their true strengths, it is like they are seeing for the first time what they have known their whole lives. Eyes widen, smiles emerge and energy picks up in the room. They typically come back with an obvious "this all makes perfect sense." And that is the moment I live for...seeing people connect with themselves, so they can give others the best version of themselves.

And while I work this approach in the workplace, it is applicable in every place - family, friends, community, ministry, even vacationing. We are designed to be our best version of ourselves, so when others are with us, they want the same. We all are connected and every thought, word and action influences that connection. And when the connection is at its best, we become more productive, more joyful, and healthier. Everyone wins.

If you want to learn more how to get started on this journey in your workplace or life, reach out to or 720.883.6433 and let's get started!