In keeping up with the 5-A model, once awareness is established in the assessment, we emphasize Action as our third phase. While I have a great appreciation for all the assessment tools out there, one common issue I had all these years was the absence of or minimal focus on action upon completion. Essentially, people would get energized and then lose steam within weeks in the midst of minimal follow-through by the organization. We value this third phase so much, we see no reason to take the assessment, if we are not building a strategy for yourself or your stakeholders. No action on the awareness of our strengths is the equivalent of a rudder-less ship. 

This begins to come together when we connect individual strengths to team members and build a plan to flex those muscles in places where needed most. For example, why ask a high Persuasion staffer to do admin work 40 hours/week? What benefit is there in a high Critical Thinking staffer taking customer service calls day in and day out? While they may be good at something, it can suck the life out of them. Everyone loses in the end.

So what is the key? It's adding the energy component to the equation. We certainly need skills and abilities, but unless paired with the energy to sustain it, it will ultimately fall short of the best version possible. And at our best, we are 5x more productive. And at 5x more productive, everyone wins.

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