The beauty of taking action on our third phase, Action, is we begin to experience our next phase, Achievement. When achievement happens, the wheels really start turning and people get energized beyond expectations. 

Recently, one of my clients approached me while at the office, and she was beaming and gave me a firm high five. Yeah, they are back in. She said she was pumped because she is now flexing her strengths in training others and seeing tangible benefits on the floor. Seeing those benefits excites her and motivates her to keep exploring her own capabilities, which challenges the original goals. 

What is exciting about this is the opportunity to come full circle in the 5-A cycle and revisit Aspirations all over again. Only now, those aspirations have an elevated position. We are now dreaming bigger about the capabilities of our people and our organization. And, it can be simple - new revenue goal, new profit margins, more stakeholders. Our dreams do not have to be unattainable. They just need to push us higher and higher into our human capabilities, so we never settled for "arrived". And "arrived" is like a 2-0 lead in a soccer match...a very dangerous place to be.

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