March Madness

I grew up playing a wide range of sports - football, basketball, baseball, soccer, golf and more. I vividly remember the day I stopped playing basketball. It was junior high, and I had just tried out for the team. I did well and felt confident about my position, until I got home and my parents told me I had a D in science. They rightfully laid down the law on my poor grade, and I knew I should focus on getting that straightened out before I dove back into something that would require a lot of my time. The next day, I told coach I would be withdrawing myself from consideration. He was disappointed, but wished me well. I walked away wishing I had not made that decision because I really wanted to play. I regretted it all through high school.

Law Enforcement

In 2006, we moved to Colorado to start a house church ministry in Boulder. We spent a few years doing just that with some great folks, and during that season, I was revisiting my desire to become a law enforcement officer. I had done Explorers in high school, and since then have always held a special spot in my heart for those who serve us. I applied for a local agency and was one of three chosen as a finalist for two open spots. I was the final one cut. It broke my heart, and I cried a good deal of tears over it. I decided it wasn't my time and, like that day in junior high, I chose to withdraw from any future opportunities. Also like my high school years, I often regret that decision. 

Crime Scene

Fast forward to launching Red Chairs in 2016. My first client was a friend who owns multiple businesses in the death industry. One of those businesses performs restoration of crime scenes. When I took on this client, I got to work on growing the business. This meant direct involvement in the operations, of course. Needless to say, I saw the dark side of this world and repeatedly found God opening conversations and partnership with law enforcement. Once again, my love for those serving us was reignited, and I found myself in God's favor many times in these interactions. Conversation after conversation, I began to strongly desire serving those who serve us. 

Light Bulb

With my pastoral background and newfound engagement with law enforcement came the idea that maybe, just maybe, God was telling me something. I began researching chaplaincy in the law enforcement community and stumbled upon Rocky Mountain Police Chaplains. I entered their training and realized pretty quickly God was stitching together something special. Having no vocational pastor role to apply my skills in this space, I launched Red Chairs Chaplaincy, a 501c3 non-profit, to open the door of opportunity to serve in this way. I formed a board of directors, full of incredibly smart and gifted people to help me begin forming a vision. 


Along the way of prayerful meetings and conversation with the board, I repeatedly committed to this work being right in my community and to waiting until that happened. Apparently God saw fit to not make me wait too long. After just three board meetings, I was invited to interview for the City and County of Broomfield Police Department. I am excited to announce my new role as Chaplain, and thus far have experienced nothing short of the warmest and most authentic welcome to the team. I am humbled by this responsibility and grateful for what it is unlocking for serving in my community.

Red Chairs

This work is voluntary, so I will not hold back in making the obvious ask. We are seeking generous donors to launch funding for Red Chairs Chaplaincy. Some immediate needs are insurance, transportation, website and a budget for the countless coffees, lunches and travel expenses to engage with over 220 officers and their families. RCC is committed to generosity and one of the most practical expressions of this is through covering the costs of those engagements. My ask is for prayerful consideration of how you might help. Your gifts are tax-deductible and go directly toward the costs of serving those who serve us. And that costs should never fall to those we are serving.

If you feel that heartbeat changing as you envision supporting this ministry, please do not hesitate to call me at 720.883.6433 or email me at to launch that conversation. I would love to share our vision with you more deeply and explore how you can be involved!

Peter Tighe