From Yes Man to Rest Man

In all of it, I wanted approval.

As a former 20 year corporate yes-man, I lost count on the number of weekends I spent uselessly proving my worth by being the poster boy for company loyalty. I wasted many weekend opportunities to be fully present with my family by plowing through the day off with follow-up emails, projects, presentations, budget reviews and more. In all of it, I wanted approval. And I got it...from all the wrong people. My family would testify that it made me miserable (and often made them miserable), the opposite of what I intended. This past weekend, I worked one day and took the other two off to completely enjoy the outdoors and my family without a single thought of work. I returned to my responsibilities for work the day after Labor Day at 6:30am fully recharged and effective in the three conference calls I joined before my second cup of coffee. Exactly what I intended.

Which brings me to the 100 Day Challenge I joined with one of my clients. A month ago, many of us put down two commitments - one for self, one for others. We chose to commit to these for 100 days. And here we are, a third of the way through. One commitment I made in this challenge was to give myself a cheat day every week on the for self goal. I have to say, it is helping me maintain success thus far. Taking a day off once per week not only removes the temptation to break the goal, but it gives me proper rest from the challenge periodically and improves my success rate. Picking up what I'm putting down?

it’s hard work to rest

In a sentence, are you willing to let yourself off the mat once a week and completely rest from your labors? Are you willing to courageously turn off your devices and trust that it all can wait one day? If not, message me and let's talk through it together and build a strategy to get you back on track. The truth is…it’s hard work to rest. Many of us have developed the mindset (beliefs) that in order to be successful, we have to go all of the time (behaviors) and our skills are being diminished along a path called Slow Death (experience). We are designed for periodic rest. Let’s take advantage of it.

"Good habits are hard to create and easy to live with. Bad habits are easy to create and hard to live with" Bobi Seredich

What good habits are you willing to create this month?

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