about us

Peter & Jan have always had red chairs on their front porch. It is a place of community - where they do life with family and friends. It is a place of excellence - where conversations give life. It is a place of generosity - where all are welcomed and invited.

The Red Chairs brand represents the values that come from this place and can be a reality for your workplace.

We hope you join us in that journey!


peter tighe

Peter left the corporate rat race in 2016 to pursue business ownership and non-profit work. Any given weekend, you will find him on a hiking trail, staffing a men's retreat in the mountains or hanging with his wife and kiddos somewhere in Colorful Colorado.


Our Services


recruiting & onboarding

Red Chairs helps you hire the right people, for the right reasons, at the right times. We offer the needed optimism to gain attention of quality candidates, provide solutions for seamless onboarding in their first ninety days and ensure early engagement. 


Connecting stakeholders to awareness of their true strengths in the workplace is the foundation of our work. We develop a culture in companies to lead them from deficit-based mindsets to an abundance-based approach. Simply stated - we help people to love work.


We look to the future without sacrificing the current needs of the organization. Working alongside key decision-makers, we will listen to your vision and help you identify solutions to put into action. This yields a more agile organization that will stand the test of constant change and technological advances. 

Since Peter began working with our team, we have seen an increase in client satisfaction, better employee performance, and with the continued influence of a humanized workplace, employees have begun to work better as a unit supporting one another and focusing on the common goal.
— Bryan M. - Quality Assurance Manager





day strategy session

Great for introduction to the Red Chairs approach to work, plus strategy discussions specific for your team. Action plan included, following session.


Lunch and learn

Perfect for introduction to the Red Chairs approach to work, and how it will influence your organization. Ideal audience is 1-3 decision makers. Lunch provided.



60-Minute coaching

Good for addressing a single challenge currently facing your team, followed with clear action items. Four session minimum.


long-term embedded

Ideal for sustainable culture change. Our effectiveness is exponentially improved when we have a routine presence, even with limited hours each week.

Peter’s insight and coaching helped our staff gain insight into their strengths, preferences, and work styles. He made them feel heard and supported, while also encouraging them to learn and grow. The result is a happier and more effective team.
— Suzanne C. - CEO




red chairs chaplaincy

Red Chairs Chaplaincy exists to serve those who serve us through holding space for emergency responders to debrief traumatic events. Since his teens, Peter has had a heart to support police officers, emergency medical technicians and firefighters. He decided to launch a non-profit in May 2018 to make that support a reality.

We are a 501(c)(3) organization and if you desire to support this work financially, see below. We are grateful for supporters like you and all your contributions go directly into the practical needs of the organization. We spend no money and efforts on selling and marketing, so your word of mouth referral is appreciated.

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