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We have always had red chairs on their front porch. It is a place of community - where we do life with family, friends and neighbors. It is a place of excellence - where all are welcomed and invited. It is a place of generosity - where we bless and give life to others.

The Red Chairs brand represents the values that come from this place and can be a reality for humanizing the workplace. We hope you join us in that journey!


peter tighe

Peter left the corporate rat race in 2016 to pursue business ownership and non-profit work. During the day, you'll find him consulting with clients and volunteering his time as a Police Chaplain in his hometown of Broomfield. Any given weekend, you will find him hanging with his wife and four kiddos, spot him on a hiking trail or walking his dog Marty, all in Colorful Colorado.


Consulting Services


Only 40% of the U.S. workforce agrees they have a clear job description. We offer the needed solutions for a seamless onboarding, especially in the first ninety days and ensure early and frequent engagement and clarity on a team member’s future.


Connecting leaders to their true strengths in the workplace is our foundation. We lead organizations away from deficit-based, fear-driven mindsets and into an abundance-based, opportunity-driven approach.

Peter has helped me improve my leadership abilities in the work place. He has been a great mentor to lean on in difficult situations and is a fantastic guide through the messy world in managing employees.
— Kristina D. Training Manager


We look to the future without sacrificing the current needs of the organization. Working alongside key decision-makers, we will listen to your vision and will curate solutions to put into action. This yields a more agile organization that will stand the test of constant change and technological advances. 

personal coaching

Red Chairs offers tailored 1:1 coaching sessions, held monthly, for those serious about personal growth. Coaching sessions are designed to strengthen the “whole self” focusing on the four parts of ourselves that maintain the needed balance to experience this journey to its fullest. You will be met with grace and truth in equal measure and guided into your growth edge every session. There is a minimum commitment on time and financial investment for this service. Call us at 720.883.6433 or submit an inquiry below to learn more.

Since Peter began working with our team, we have seen an increase in client satisfaction, better employee performance, and with the continued influence of a humanized workplace, employees have begun to work better as a unit supporting one another and focusing on the common goal.
— Bryan M. - Quality Assurance Manager


chaplain services

emergency responders

Peter had a dream of launching a ministry - one that would breathe life into his community in a complimentary way to the local church. While working on a project through his consulting company, he found himself surrounded by emergency responders. He could not help but wonder if those who were serving us had anyone serving them.

He launched a 501c3 non-profit Red Chairs Chaplaincy in 2019 as a result, after investing two years in law enforcement chaplain training and a lot of prayer and counsel from trusted friends. Red Chairs Chaplaincy exists to serve those who serve us by renewing joy in the hearts of emergency responders. The current expression of this ministry is the City and County of Broomfield Police Department, where he serves as Police Chaplain.


After 25 years in corporate America, Peter knew the second half of his career had to be different. He witnessed countless acts of dehumanization in the workplace and wanted something different, for himself and for everyone around him. Launching Red Chairs Consulting was the best way to make it happen, and curating the mission took only minutes.

Red Chairs exists to humanize the workplace, so naturally countless conversations in his consulting work have yielded opportunities to serve people in this environment, as well. The myth that one can “leave it at the door” is not in our vocabulary, and the role of Chaplain is the natural fit. We listen to learn and have a ministry of presence, allowing people to debrief difficulties in this life and be their best at work.

Peter’s insight and coaching helped our staff gain insight into their strengths, preferences, and work styles. He made them feel heard and supported, while also encouraging them to learn and grow. The result is a happier and more effective team.
— Suzanne C. - CEO